College of
Arts, Commerce and Science

Affiliated to University of Mumbai

Bachelors of Mass Media


» To provide students with a firm grounding in communication studies through understanding society’s diverse cultural foundations.

» To develop critical thinking , creativity and personal integrity.

» To give students an opportunity of combining theoretical curriculum with practical applications through detailed research , lucid writing skills, and presentation skills.


First Year



Semester I

Semester II

Paper 1: Effective communication  Skills
Paper II: Fundamentals of Mass Communication
Paper III: Introduction to computers
Paper IV: landmark events in 20th century. History of world India & Maharashtra
Paper v: Introduction to sociology of news and social movements in India.
Paper VI. Introduction to economics

Paper-I:Effective communication skills –II
Paper II: Political concepts and the Indian political System.
Paper III: Principles of management  and marketing.
Paper IV: Introduction to Psychology
Paper V: Translation Skills An introduction to literature
Paper VI: An introduction to literature


Second Year:



Semester III

Semester IV

Paper I: Introduction to Creative Writing
Paper II: Introduction to Culture studies
Paper III: Introduction to Public Relations
Paper IV: Introduction to Media Studies
Paper V: Understanding cinema
Paper VI: Advanced Computers

Paper I: Introduction to advertising
Paper II: Introduction to Journalism
Paper III: Print Production and Photography
Paper IV: Radio and Television
Paper V: Mass Media Research
Paper VI: Organizational Behavior


Third Year:



Semester V

Semester VI

Paper I:   Reporting
Paper II:  Editing
Paper III : Feature and opinion
Paper IV: Journalism and Public opinion
Paper V:  Advertising and marketing Research
Paper VI: Indian regional Journalism

Paper I: Advertising and marketing Research
Paper II : Agency Management
Paper III: The Principles and Practice  of direct marketing.
Paper IV: Advertising
Paper V: Legal Environment and Advertising Ethics
Paper VI: Broadcast Journalism