College of
Arts, Commerce and Science

Affiliated to University of Mumbai

Library & Labs

Library and Reading Room:

The college provides a huge library system which contains a large number of text books, reference books, and subscribes wide range of magazines, periodicals and newspapers. The library is open from 9.00 am till 4.00 pm on all working days. There is a separate reading room for students and faculty members.

Rules of Library

(1)   Books shall be issued from the issue section, which should be returned on or before the due date mentioned on the date slip.

(2)   In case the book is not returned on the due date, the student shall have to pay a fine at the rate of Rs. 10/ per day.

(3)   The due date can be extended in specific cases with the approval of the librarian.

(4)   Reference books will not be issued for home reading or Xeroxing. They should be used only in the library with careful handling. Any damage to the book will entail fine.

(5)   In case of loss of a book, the cost of the same will be recovered; In addition, a fine of 50 % of the cost of the book will be levied.



- Each department in the Science stream & Computer department  have well equipped laboratory.

- All laboratories are equipped with fire-extinguishers.

- Safety measures are displayed and aprons are compulsory for entry into the Chemistry, Biology and physics laboratories.

Most of the science departments have locker facilities for keeping the necessary apparatus.

Chemistry Lab:

Most of the important areas of organic and inorganic sections are being actively studied in this lab. All students receive a broad education in organic, inorganic and physical chemistry.

The Lab is well equipped with latest apparatus. All the required chemicals  in sufficient quantity are provided for various titrations, radical detection experiments and demonstration experiments.

Physics Lab:

Physics lab is well equipped with state – of –the art instrumentation. Students have access to most of this equipment during their course of study in the lab.

Biology Lab:

Biology lab is well equipped with all the specimens and permanent slides, high quality microscopes, oven, glassware. The students are provided with individual microscope, material for sectioning and animal specimens for dissection with good quality of wax tray and dissecting material. The Lab is equipped with all essential charts and human skeleton.

Electronics and Telecommunication Lab: 

The focus is on understanding electronic communication systems, electronic work devices  such as  amplifiers, rectifiers, feedback amplifiers, modulators, microprocessors and fiber optics. Digital electronic devices such as logic gates, adder and subtracted circuits, flip/flops, multiplexers etc.  Electronics lab is well equipped with latest apparatus of fiber optics, digital logic circuit trainer kits, microprocessor, microcontroller kits, high quality cathode ray oscilloscope, function generator, multimeters etc.

Information Technology Laboratory

The college has a well developed computer and information technology lab to provide in-depth coverage of computer knowledge to the students. The IT lab provides a wide range of software’s which includes programming languages and database systems and web design.. We have 2 computer labs in the LAN system with more than 60 terminals. Students can also avail the use of internet facility. Students are provided with extra lab sessions to complete their presentations and projects. The important software in the IT/CS department are computer graphics, Data base, Red Hat Linux, Advanced Java, Web technologies etc.