Our college is committed to supporting our alumni beyond graduation, which is why we provide various certificates and services to help them succeed in their professional lives. We offer NOC (No Objection Certificate) and Bonafide certificates, which are often required by employers and other institutions for various purposes. These certificates attest to the academic and personal credentials of our alumni and can be used to apply for jobs, higher education, or immigration.


We also provide transcript certificates, which contain a record of an alumnus’s academic performance during their time at our college. These certificates can be used to demonstrate an alumnus’s academic achievements to potential employers or educational institutions.


In addition, we provide transfer certificates to alumni who wish to transfer to other institutions. These certificates certify that an alumnus has completed their studies at our college and can be used to enroll in other educational institutions or apply for jobs.


Our college also offers training and placement services to our alumni, helping them find suitable employment opportunities in their respective fields. We work closely with various employers and organizations to connect our alumni with job openings and provide them with the training they need to succeed in their roles.