Program Outcomes (POs)

DEPARTMENT OF SCIENCE- Bachelor of Science in Hospitality Studies (B.Sc.- HS)

PO1 Hospitality Management Skills: Graduates will possess a solid foundation in hospitality management, including principles of leadership, organizational behavior, and strategic management within the hospitality industry.

PO2 Customer Service Excellence: Graduates should be equipped with the skills to provide exceptional customer service in various hospitality settings, understanding the importance of guest satisfaction.

PO3 Business Acumen: Understanding key business concepts related to the hospitality industry, including financial management, marketing, and revenue management.

PO4 Hospitality Operations: Knowledge of day-to-day operations in hospitality, including front office management, housekeeping, food and beverage operations, and event management.

 PO5 Culinary Arts (Optional): Depending on the program, graduates may have exposure to culinary arts, including food preparation, menu planning, and kitchen management.

PO6 Event Planning and Management: Understanding the principles of planning and managing events, conferences, and banquets.

PO7Hotel and Resort Management: Graduates may have knowledge specific to hotel and resort management, including accommodation management, reservations, and facilities management.

PO8 Tourism Management: Depending on the program, graduates may have exposure to tourism management, including destination management, tour operations, and sustainable tourism practices.

PO9 Food and Beverage Management: Understanding the intricacies of food and beverage management, including menu development, cost control, and restaurant management.

PO10 Hospitality Marketing: Knowledge of marketing strategies specific to the hospitality industry, including digital marketing, branding, and customer relationship management.

PO11 Legal and Ethical Considerations: Awareness of legal and ethical considerations in the hospitality industry, including issues related to contracts, liability, and responsible business practices.

PO12 Cross-Cultural Competence: Given the global nature of the hospitality industry, graduates should have cross-cultural competence and an understanding of diverse customer needs and expectations.

Program Specific Outcomes (PSOs)

DEPARTMENT OF SCIENCE- Bachelor of Science in Hospitality Studies (B.Sc.- HS)

PSO1. Students should be able to demonstrate a high level of customer service skills, understanding the importance of guest satisfaction in the hospitality industry.

PSO2. Graduates should possess the skills necessary to efficiently manage and operate various aspects of hospitality establishments, including front office, housekeeping, food and beverage, and event management.

PSO3. Students are expected to communicate effectively with guests, colleagues, superior, demonstrating strong interpersonal skills and the ability to work in diverse and multicultural environments.

Course Outcome (COs)

DEPARTMENT OF SCIENCE- Bachelor of Science in Hospitality Studies (B.Sc.- HS)

F.Y. B Sc –HS Semester-I


CO1   To inculcate right attitude and the required basic knowledge and technical skills in the art of culinary and the food production department.

CO2 – To introduce the various equipment’s and utensils used in the kitchen.


CO1 – Identify the role of the Food and Beverage Service department and explain its organization structure and importance.CO2 – Explain how “moments of truth” affect guests, staff members, and managers, and describe the value of guests and staff members to a food service operation.

CO3 – Describe the duties and responsibilities of beverage service staff members, and summarize techniques and procedures for responsibly selling and serving cocktails, beer, and wine.

CO4 – Identify the operational and Auxiliary areas as well as equipment’s used in the Food and Beverage department.

CO5 – Understand the various service methods and procedures followed in the department.


CO1 – Introduce the students to the Hotel & Tourism Industry

CO2 – Understand the appropriate organization structures and duties in the Front Office and related departments.

CO3 – Develop, prepare guest relations and evaluate practical aspect with guests.

CO4 – Understand the role of public relations with hotel industry.

CO5 – Develop skills required as an efficient and effective receptionist in any hotel (large or Small) and to handle situations and type of guest in the job.

CO6 – Understanding the functioning of the Telecommunication department.