Under Graduate Courses
Bachelor of Management Studies (BMS):

Sem-I Sem-II
Paper Name Paper Name
Introduction to Financial Accounts Principles of Marketing
Business Law Industrial Law
Business Statistics Business Mathematics
Business Communication-I Business Communication-II
Foundation Course-I Foundation Course-II
Foundation of Human Skills Business Environment
Business Economics Principles of Management
Sem-III Sem-IV
Paper Name Paper Name
Marketing Group: Consumer Behavior
Finance Group: Introduction to Cost Accounting
Marketing Group: Integrated Marketing Communication
Finance Group: Financial Institution and Marketing.
Marketing Group: Advertising
Finance Group : Corporate Finance
Marketing Group: Rural Marketing
Finance Group : Auditing
Information Technology in Business Management-I Information Technology in Business Management
Foundation Course (Environmental Management)-III Foundation Course-IV (Ethics)
Business Planning and Entrepreneurial management Business Economics-II
Strategic Management Business Research Methods
Accounting for Managerial Decision Production & Total Quality Management
Sem-V (Marketing) Sem-VI (Marketing)
Paper Name Paper Name
Logistics and Supply Chain Management Operation Research
Corporate Communication and Public Relations Brand Management
Services Marketing Retail Management
E-Commerce & Digital Marketing International Marketing
Sales and Distribution Management Media Planning and Management
Customer Relationship Management Project Work
Sem-V (Finance) Sem-VI (Finance)
Paper Name Paper Name
Logistics and Supply Chain Management Operation Research
Corporate Communication and Public Relations Innovative Financial Services
Investment Analysis and Portfolio Management Project Management
Commodity and Derivatives Market Strategic Financial Management
Financial Accounting Indirect Taxes
Direct Taxes Project Work

Programme outcome
Bachelor of Management Studies (BMS)

Program typically prepares students for careers in the field of management studies. The program covers a wide range of topics related to the scope of marketing, research, study of consumer behavior, financial knowledge regarding capital markets, commodity markets, various financial markets and updates regarding current market trends.

Outcomes of a BMS program include:
Enhancement of Human Skills:Acquire knowledge about management practices which facilitate them to become effective professionals.
Problem-solving skills: Apply the concepts related to Commerce, Accountancy, Economics, Management and other allied subjects in various commercial fields.Analyze and interpret the financial statements and accounting activities involved in the business

Enhancement of Academic Skills:Be capable to pursue higher studies in diverse fields of Management such as Business Administration, Human Resource Management, Marketing and Finance.
Development of Entrepreneurial Skills:Be adequately trained to be entrepreneurs and communicate effectively. Develop a positive attitude towards lifelong learning and research.Design and construct an innovative business model and develop entrepreneurship skills.
Develop Business Knowledge: Acquire the required skills to develop business models and be responsible global citizens with cross culturally competent behavior and ethical values.Develop a strong foundation for the industry specific skills to pursue better career prospects.
Communication skills: Students should be able to communicate effectively with colleagues and stakeholders, both verbally and in writing.
Teamwork and collaboration: Students should learn to work effectively in teams and collaborate with others to develop and implement effective outcomes.
Ethical and professional conduct: Students should be aware of ethical issues and code of conduct to demonstrate professionalism in their work.

Overall, a BMS program aims to prepare students to be competent, skilled, and ethical professionals in the field of Management Studies. Graduates of the program should be able to apply their knowledge and skills to solve real-world problems and advance in the field of management.