Ashvini Jadhav

Managing Trustee Member

Know Them –

Ms. Ashvini Jadhav has played a pivotal role in establishment of institutes in Navi Mumbai. In charge of the most popular cultural festival of SIGCE “IGNITE” for over 2 decades, has also established herself in the Entertainment Industry by acting in Hindi Theatre, Gujarati Films and Hindi serials. She has produced Hinglish play with Television artists, exhibited in “Tata NCPA”. Was Member Of Censor Board For Film Certification (CBFC) for 2 years. Winner of WOW Awards (Women’s Achiever Awards) as an independent Entrepreneur and Socialite.
A philanthropist at heart, who believes in giving back to the society with her never- ending quench for learning has motivated her to uplift and benefit the Society by becoming a Counsellor, META-Health Practitioner & Certified Access Bars Facilitator. She has also attended Landmark Forum & Re-birthing Breath Work.
Participated in Times Women’s Drive for awareness on Breast Cancer in 2018. Believes in educating the Youth of the Nation to Re-build a better tomorrow. Working as a Trustee Member for JNIESTR Trust which comprises of 23 Educational Institutes has helped her evolve as an Entrepreneur and Socialite.

We Say –

“Management is the basic ability we all inherit from our surroundings. However, knowledge and skills for specific sectors of society, understanding of corporate work, handling business professionally are the core needs of changing times. Education is the key to the individual, social, political and world development. Hence, we are committed towards providing the best exposure in education and industry to our students. It is our duty and responsibility not only to graduate students, but also to create an awareness about business, personal ethics, values, and develop socially responsible human beings. As the Trustee members of this institute, we are committed to constantly strive towards the betterment of this institute and society.”