Under Graduate Courses

Bachelor of Commerce (B Com):

Sem-I Sem-II
Paper Name Paper Name
Foundation Course – I Foundation Course – II
Accountancy and Financial Management – I Accountancy and Financial Management – II
Commerce – I Commerce – II
Business Economics – I Business Economics – II
Business Communication –I Business Communication –II
Environmental Studies – I Environmental Studies – II
Mathematical and Statistical Techniques – I Mathematical and Statistical Techniques – II
Sem-III Sem-IV
Paper Name Paper Name
Foundation Course (Contemporary Issues) – III Foundation Course (Contemporary Issues) – IV
Accountancy and Financial Management Accountancy and Financial management
Financial Accounting and Auditing –Introduction to Management Accounting Financial Accounting and Auditing – Auditing
Commerce Paper-III Commerce Paper-IV
Business Economics-III Business Economics-IV
Business Law-I Business Law-II
Advertising-I Advertising-II
Sem-V Sem-VI
Paper Name Paper Name
Financial Accounting and Auditing VII – Financial Accounting Financial Accounting and Auditing VIII – Financial Accounting
Financial Accounting and Auditing VIII – Cost Accounting Financial Accounting and Auditing IX – Cost Accounting
Business Economics V Business Economics VI
Commerce V Commerce VI
Direct & Indirect Taxation Paper I Direct & Indirect Taxation Paper II
Export Marketing Paper I Export Marketing Paper II

Programme outcome

Bachelor of Commerce

  1. Apply the Concepts of Accountancy and Financial Management in the Preparation of Financial Statements and Cash Flow Statement.
  2. Analysis and Interpretation of Financial Statements and make effective decisions.
  3. Apply the Concepts of Direct Taxes in Filing of Income Tax Returns and Concepts of Goods and Service Taxes in filing Goods and Service Tax Returns.
  4. Apply Ethics and Values taught in Personal and Professional Life.
  5. Demonstrate effective Communication and Leadership skills learnt during the Course in the Competitive world outside.
  6. Value the Environment sustainability development Projects and show case the social Responsibilities learnt.
  7. Develop entrepreneurship skills and construct innovative business models.