Microbial and Environmental Biotechnology


1. Prof. P.A. Sonwane I/C HOD and Assistant Professor
2. Prof. P.S. Kamble Assistant Professor
3. Prof. K.R. Udasi Assistant Professor
4. Mr. K.V. Kadam Laboratory Assistant
5. Mr. M. G. Kalewar Laboratory Attendant

Courses offered:

Sr. No. Course No. Course Title Credit
1 ENV-111 Environmental Studies and Disaster Management 2+1
2 FT-111 Food Science and Processing 1+1
3 MICRO-121 Microbiology 2+1
4 MICRO-242 Microbial Genetics 2+1
5 MEBTEL-361 Microbial Biotechnology 2+1
6 MEBTEL-362 Bio-prospecting of Molecules and Genes 3+0
7 MEBTEL-363 Molecular Ecology and Evolution 3+0
8 MEBTEL-364 Fundamentals of Molecular Pharming and Biopharmaceuticals 2+1
9 MEBTEL-365 Food Biotechnology 2+1
10 MEBTEL-366 Green Biotechnology 2+1



The projects under READY programme for final year students are being carried out under this department in following research area:

-Biofertilizer production technology


-Enzyme technology

-Microbial genetics and R-DNA technology

-Fermentation of microbial products




1. Microbial Genetics and Genomics

2. Environmental and Soil Micro-Biotechnology

3. Bioremediation