Mrs. Sharmishtha Jadhav

Managing Trustee Member

Mrs. Sharmishtha Jadhav is First women commercial pilot from Marathwada region. She Studied “Education Innovation and Social Entrepreneurship” in Comparative Perspective at Harvard University, Boston, USA. She is a Pioneer in Development of women in “Indian Aviation” Sector. A visionary with clear social perspective, she is the guiding spirit of Yashwantrao Chavan English Medium School and source of inspiration to all.

Sharmishtha Jadhav Say:

“Education means Knowledge and Information about the world around us. Education is the key to create a better world. It contributes to changing the perspective towards life “Education is the most powerful weapon to change the world. Education means when you know better, you do better. With this belief, we are educating our students with expectation to change the world for better. One character is developed through education and so our effort is to develop every student’s character for their bright future through education.”

“Children are the building blocks of Nation. Progress and Prosperity of any country depends on young minds.” This was the belief of Chacha Nehru. Children play crucial role in our lives, they define us. Each child has a stupendous unlimited brain capacity and talent waiting to be explored.

Keeping this in mind we have decided to become educator and spread unlimited, timeless, unmatchable knowledge in our school learners and make them walk towards success by eliminating hurdles.

Our students are the future of our country.